Test Bank For Abnormal Child and Adolescent Psychology 8th Edition by Wicks-Nelson

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Test Bank For Abnormal Child and Adolescent Psychology 8th Edition by Wicks-Nelson

CHAPTER 2 The Developmental Psychopathology Perspective


1.The term paradigm refers to a shared perspective or cognitive set adopted, for example, by a group of investigators.  

2.The adoption of a paradigm typically results in a broadening of the kinds of questions asked, measures taken, and interpretations made.  

3.Another word for vulnerability is diathesis, as in the diathesis stress model.

  1.       The biopsychosocial model is an example of the systems approach.
  1.       Developmental theorists assume that human development proceeds in a coherent pattern.
  1.       In the study conducted by Keller, Cumings and Davies (2005), parental problem drinking had a direct effect on child behavioral problems.   

7.If treatment X is more effective for girls than boys, then gender could be considered a moderating variable.

   8. If the effects of poverty operate through lack of health care to lower intellectual functioning, lack of health care mediates the relationship of poverty and intellectual functioning.  

9.Brain abnormality is a necessary cause of schizophrenia. This does not mean that it is a sufficient cause.  

  10. According to the trajectories outlined by Compas, Hinden and Gerhardt (1995), adaptation level in childhood consistently predicts later functioning.

11.Multifinality is the principle that the same outcome can be associated with different pathways or factors.  

12.In general, nonnormative events are considered more of a challenge to development than are normative events.  

  13. Attachment is an example of a developmental task for infants and preschoolers.  

  14. Resilience is defined as positive outcomes in the face of risk or threat.  

  15. Risk factors reside in both the environment and the person, but resilience factors reside exclusively in the person.   

16.According to the model proposed by Ingram and Price (2010), resilience increases resistance to developing a disorder.  

17.Heterotypic continuity of behavior is demonstrated when the same behavior continues over time in an individual.  

18.Justine smiles and crawls to her mother.  These behaviors facilitate attachment, according to Bowlby.   

19.Early attachment experiences can influence later relationships.  

20.Temperament is described as a person’s predisposition to irritability.  

21.According to Chess and Thomas, temperament is malleable.  

22.Inhibition is the one dimension of temperament that has been associated with academic adjustment.  

  1. 23.Emotion and temperament can be considered the same construct. 

24. Complex emotions such as shame or guilt are not evident until adolescence. 

25. Although emotional knowledge is important in relationships later in life, it is not linked to social 

problems in childhood.

26. The area of study that examines how individuals take in, understand, and interpret social 

situations is called social cognitive processing.

  1. 27.Research indicates that children with high levels of aggressive behavior usually view other youngsters as passive and trusting.


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