Various Definitions


A seller is a person who owns the website and receives the orders for purchase. 


A buyer is a person who places an order to make a purchase. 

Goods or Services

Goods or services are the products that a buyer wants to purchase and places an order with the seller to buy it. 


The payments of all the orders have to be done at the completion of an order. If your payment is not received or the payment method is incorrect and gets declined, your order will not be placed successfully, and you will not get any product delivered. If you are unable to complete the payment procedure, you will lose ownership of the product. 

We accept payments through Visa Card, Master Card, Paypal, American Express, and Discover. 

Shipping Policies

As soon as you complete the payment procedure, you will get the purchased files of your desired test bank. You will also receive a confirmation message from Test Bank Resources LTD containing the links to download your test bank files. 

These links never expire and you can use these links to download test bank files again and again. It is suggested to keep a copy of the email or message that you get containing the downloadable links. 

Refund or Return Policy

If you want to refund a test bank or a solution manual from Test Bank Resources LTD, keep the following points in mind. 

You can ask for a refund of a purchased product if;

  • You do not receive the link to download the test bank files.
  • You find a defect or error in the link or file.
  • You receive an incomplete file of the test bank, with some missing chapters or sections of the textbook. 

You cannot ask for a refund of the purchased product if;

  • You have refunded a purchased product on Test Bank Resources LTD recently.
  • You place refund requests for the same product several times.

If you need more information in detail, please visit our refund policy section.


If you have any complaints, you can inform our support team about it by sending an email to info@Tbresourcesltd.com

Terms & Conditions

The billing terms and conditions on this website are subject to change. However, if you are using our website and placing orders to purchase various products, it means that you agree with all the billing terms and conditions. 

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