If you ordered a test bank from our store Test Bank Resources, and now you want to refund it, you should keep the following points in mind. 

You can ask for a refund of the purchased products if;

  • You do not receive the downloadable link of the test bank.
  • You find a serious error or defect in the test bank file. 
  • You receive a file with incomplete contents or missing chapters. 

There is a 100% chance of getting a refund if there occurs an error in the transaction while making the payment. In this case, you will receive the refunded amount on the credit or debit card that you used while placing the order. 

You cannot ask for a refund of the purchased products if;

  • You request a refund for the same product several times. 
  • You recently refunded a test bank from our website. 

What happens when your refund request is accepted?

When your refund request is accepted,

  • It will take 14 days to get the amount back in your account. The time also depends on your credit card’s policy. 
  • The refunded amount will be received through the mode you used to make the payment. 

What is Refund Abuse?

Test Bank Resources reserves all rights to refuse the refund request of its customers if any of the customers are found to abuse the refund policy. Refund abuse refers to requesting a refund without any authentic or legal reason.

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