Test Bank For Population An Introduction to Concepts And Issues 12th Edition By John R. Weeks

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Test Bank For Population An Introduction to Concepts And Issues 12th Edition By John R. Weeks




  1. Understand what the field of demography is all about.
  2. Understand why demography is important to study—how it connects the dots.
  3. Heighten the awareness of the relationships between population and resources. 
  4. Comprehend the relationships between population and global events.
  5. Understand how demographic information can be used.


  1. Demography is concerned with everything that influences or can be influenced by population size, growth or decline, processes, spatial distribution, structure, and characteristics.
  2. Almost everything in your life has demographic underpinnings that you should understand.
  3. Demography is a force in the world that influences every improvement in human well-being that the world has witnessed over the past few hundred years.
  4. The past was very different from the present in large part because of demographic changes taking place all over the globe; and the future will be different for the same reasons.
  5. The cornerstones of population studies are the processes of mortality (a deadly subject), fertility (a well-conceived topic), and migration (a moving experience).
  6. Demographic change demands that societies adjust, thus forcing social change, but different societies will respond differently to these challenges, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.
  7. Examples of global issues that have deep and important demographic components include the relationship of population to food, water, and energy resources, as well as housing and infrastructure, and environmental degradation.
  8. Population is also connected to social and political dynamics such as regional conflict, often exacerbated by youth bulges, as well as globalization, the need for immigrants created by the phenomenon of “demographic fit” and then the backlash against those immigrants.
  9. Changes in the age structure are the most obvious ways in which demography forces societal change and, at the same time, creates business opportunities—exemplified by the idea of “riding the age wave.”
  10. A key to all demographic trends in the world is the status of women.


Multiple-Choice (Choose the single best answer—the page where the answer is found is indicated in parentheses)

  1. The modern concept of demography emphasizes the ______ and ______ of population change. 
    1. causes; consequences (3)
    2. spatial distribution; population structure
    3. processes; characteristics
    4. size; growth
  2. “Hatching, matching, and dispatching” is shorthand for the description of
    1. population processes. (3)
    2. population distribution.
    3. population characteristics.
    4. none of the above.
  3. Population structure is defined as
    1. how many people there are in a given place.
    2. where people are located and why.
    3. how many males and females there are of each age. (3)
    4. what people are like in a given place.
  4. The concept of the past as a foreign country is based on the idea that
    1. there used to be fewer foreigners in the United States than there are now. 
    2. the boundaries of the country have changed over the past two hundred years.
    3. the population structure and characteristics have changed over time. (3)
    4. immigrants have dramatically changed the demographics of the United States. 
  5. Between 1910 and 2010, life expectancy in the United States increased from about ____ to more than 80.
    1. 40  
    2. 50  (4)
    3. 60
    4. 70
  6. Between 1910 and 2010, the average number of children born to women in the United States declined from____ to 1.9.
    1. 5.0
    2. 4.5
    3. 4.0
    4. 3.5 (4)
  7. Population growth is closely associated with water availability because
    1. people prefer to live near water.
    2. water is required to grow more food .(6)
    3. waterways provide a key source of transportation for people.
    4. a warming planet will reduce the amount of ground water available per person.
  8. Population growth alone would not have had such a huge impact on the environment were it not for the accompanying fact that
    1. people have been living longer. 
    2. there has been an intensive increase in the use of resources. (7)
    3. the atmospheric conditions have been shifting.
    4. humans have settled in increasingly vulnerable parts of the planet.
  9. One of the major demographic forces that is incendiary in the Middle East is
    1. the high maternal mortality rate.
    2. high mortality from violent causes.
    3. refugees leaving the area.
    4. the impact of the youth bulge. (8)


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