Test Bank For Nutrition Essentials for Nursing Practice 6th Edition by Susan G. Dudek

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Test Bank For Nutrition Essentials for Nursing Practice 6th Edition by Susan G. Dudek

1.Monosaccharides are also known by other names. What is dextrose also known as?A)LevuloseB)FructoseC)GlucoseD)Maltose2.Much has been learned in the field of nutrition about nutritional intake and how to work toward making our diets optimal nutritionally. When it comes to carbohydrate intake, the latest findings indicate that Americans should:A)Decrease their intake of fiber and increase their intake of complex carbohydratesB)Increase their intake of fiber and limit consumption of added sugarsC)Eat total carbohydrates consisting of 50% fiber and 50% simple sugarsD)Eat a diet based on plenty of fruits and vegetables and limit carbohydrates3.Lactose is composed of glucose and galactose and is a naturally occurring carbohydrate. Unfortunately, many people cannot tolerate lactose (lactose intolerance) and develop gastrointestinal symptoms after ingesting lactose. These people would do best eating what dairy food?A)MilkB)CheeseC)YogurtD)Butter4.Sugar alcohols are one of the alternatives to naturally occurring sugar that are used widely in the American diet. Some of the sugar alternatives can cause unpleasant side effects in some people if eaten in large amounts. What can large amounts of sugar alcohols cause in some people?A)DiarrheaB)ConstipationC)Elevated serum glucose levelsD)Nausea5.You are the clinic nurse teaching newly diagnosed type II diabetics about diet and weight control. One of the subjects you will cover is how to figure out the caloric content of commonly eaten foods. An exercise you give your class is to figure out the calories in a tablespoon of jelly that contains 13 g of carbohydrates, no protein, and no fat. What is the correct number of calories in the jelly?A)26 cal.B)39 cal.C)52 cal.D)65 cal.6.The digestion of carbohydrates by the body is complex. Where is the primary site of carbohydrate digestion?A)MouthB)StomachC)Small intestineD)Large intestine7.An upper level for added sugar has not yet been established but recommendations have been made. What is the Food Guide Pyramid recommended limit of added sugar?A)6% to 10% of the total calorie intakeB)10 teaspoons daily in a 1,600-calorie meal planC)2% to 5% of the total calorie intakeD)18 teaspoons for a 2,200-calorie meal plan8.Fiber is classified as “dietary fiber” or “functional fiber.” The type of fiber that helps lower serum cholesterol and glucose levels is most abundant in what grain?A)Wheat branB)CornC)Brown riceD)Oats9.Foods have physiologic effects on the body outside of their nutritional value. Of the following, what food may help prevent constipation?A)Shredded wheatB)Puffed riceC)OrangesD)Lettuce10.Sugar alternatives come in two categories, sugar alcohols and nonnutritive sweeteners. Nonnutritive sweeteners:A)Promote dental cariesB)Are much less sweet than sugarC)Provide few or no caloriesD)Cause blood sugar levels to rise rapidly


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