Test Bank for DAVIS’S DRUG GUIDE FOR NURSES, 15th Edition

Digital item No Waiting Time Instant DownloadISBN-10: 0803657056 ISBN-13: 978-0803657052Authors: April Hazard Vallerand Ph.D. RN FAAN,Cynthia A. Sanoski BS PharmD FCCP BCPSPublisher: F.A. Davis Company; 15th edition

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Test Bank for DAVIS’S DRUG GUIDE FOR NURSES, 15th Edition

Table of Contents

How To Use Davis’s Drug Guide For Nurses 1Evidence-Based Practice and Pharmacotherapeutics: Implications for Nurses 6Pharmacogenomics 9Medication Errors: Improving Practices and Patient Safety 12Detecting and Managing Adverse Drug Reactions 18Overview Of Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Systems (Rems) 22Special Dosing Considerations 23The Pediatric Patient 23The Older Adult Patient 23The Patient of Reproductive Age 24Renal Impairment 24Hepatic Impairment 24Heart Failure 24Body Size 24Drug Interactions 25The Cytochrome P450 System 26Educating Patients About Safe Medication Use 29Classifications 31Anti-Alzheimer’s agents 31Antianemics 32Antianginals 33Antianxiety agents 34Antorhythmics 35Antiasthmatics 36Anticholinergics 37Anticoagulants 39Anticonvulsants 40Antidepressants 41Antidiabetics 43Antidiarrheals 45Antiemetics 46Antifungals 47Antihistamines 48Antihypertensives 49Anti-infectives 51Antineoplastics 52Antiparkinson agents 54Antiplatelet agents 56Antipsychotics 56Antipyretics 58Antiretrovirals 59Antirheumatics 60Antituberculars 61Antiulcer agents 62Antivirals 64Beta blockers 65Bone resorption inhibitors 67Bronchodilators 68Calcium channel blockers 69Central nervous system stimulants 71Corticosteroids 72Diuretics 73Hormones 75Immunosuppressants 76Laxatives 77Lipid lowering agents 78Minerals/electrolytes/pH modifiers 79Natural/Herbal Products 80Nonopioid analgesics 81Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents 82Opioid analgesics 84Sedative/hypnotics 85Skeletal muscle relaxants 87Thrombolytics 88Vaccines/immunizing agents 90Vascular headache suppressants 90Vitamins 91Weight control agents 92Drug Monographs In Alphabetical Order By Generic Name 95-1298Drugs Approved In Canada 1299Natural/Herbal Products 1325Medication Safety Tools 1351Appendices 1367Appendix A Recent Drug Approvals 1369Appendix B Combination Drugs 1379Appendix C Ophthalmic Medications 1398Appendix D Medication Administration Techniques 1406Appendix E Administering Medications to Children 1409Appendix F Formulas Helpful for Calculating Doses 1410Appendix G Pediatric Dosage Calculations 1412Appendix H Normal Values of Common laboratory Tests 1413Appendix I Controlled Substance Schedules 1415Appendix J Equianalgesic Dosing Guidelines 1418Appendix K Food Sources for Specific Nutrients 1421Appendix L Insulins and Insulin Therapy 1423Appendix M Canadian and U.S. Pharmaceutical Practices 1425Appendix N Routine Pediatric and Adult Immunizations 1427Bibliography 1434Comprehensive Generic/Trade/Classifications Index 1435


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