Test Bank For Advertising and Promotion An Integrated Marketing Communications Perspective 11Th Edition By George Belch

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Test Bank For Advertising and Promotion An Integrated Marketing Communications Perspective 11Th Edition By George Belch

Chapter 02 Test Bank

Student: ___________________________________________________________________________

1. Market opportunities are areas where the company believes that customer needs and opportunities are being satisfied.True    False

2. A market can rarely be viewed as one large, homogeneous group of customers; rather, it consists of many heterogeneous groups, or segments.True    False

3. Dominating channels of distribution is one way of creating a competitive advantage.True    False

4. Marketers often go after the entire market with one product, brand, or service offering to create the maximum impact.True    False

5. In a typical target marketing process, the stage of segmenting the market is immediately followed by positioning one’s product or service through effective marketing strategies.True    False

6. Target market identification isolates consumers with similar lifestyles, needs, and the like, and increases the knowledge of their specific requirements.True    False

7. The more marketers segment the market, the less precise is their understanding of it.True    False

8. In the geographic segmentation approach, markets are divided into units based on consumers’ occupations and lifestyles.True    False

9. When a market is segmented based on personality, lifecycles, and/or lifestyles, it is referred to as demographic segmentation.True    False

10. The determination of lifestyles is usually based on an analysis of the activities, interests, and opinions (AIOs) of consumers.True    False

11. Segmenting the market based on consumers’ product or brand usage and the degree of use is an example of behavioristic segmentation.True    False

12. Industrial marketers refer to the 80–20 rule, meaning that 20 percent of their buyers account for 80 percent of their sales volume.True    False

13. Differentiated marketing is used when the firm selects one segment and attempts to capture a large share of this market.True    False

14. The positioning by competitor approach positions a product by associating it with a particular user or group of users.True    False

15. Premium brands positioned at the high end of the market usually use the price/quality approach to positioning.True    False



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