ATI Anatomy and Physiology Proctored Exam. Questions and Answers. Latest 2020-2021

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ATI Anatomy and Physiology Proctored Exam. Questions and Answers. Latest 2020-2021


ATI Anatomy and Physiology Proctored Exam
Questions and Answers
Latest 2020 2021
  1. What bone is a component of the appendicular skeleton?ANS: Symphysis pubis
  2. What can cause black stools?ANS: High levels of iron or upper GI bleed
  3. What cardiac valve prevents blood from returning to the left ventricle of the heart?ANS: Aortic Valve
  4. What causes black heads?ANS: Sebum that traps dirt in the pores
  5. What cells are responsible for destruction of old cells and invasive organisms?ANS: Macrophages through phagocytosis
  6. What determines skin colorANS: Melanin in melanocytes
  1. What does the respiratory system eliminate when there is an excess of hydrogen ions in the body?ANS: Carbon Dioxide
  2. What do phagocytes do?ANS: Engulf foreign particles in the blood stream
  3. What dysfunction causes yellow sclera?ANS: Jaundice, elevated bilirubin

10. What function is associated with the dermal layer of the skin?ANS: Collagen formation11. What gland has both endocrine and exocrine functions?ANS: Pancreas12. What happens to cells in hypertonic solution?ANS: Cell shrivels and dies; absorbs more salt13. What happens to cells in isotonic solution?ANS: Cells are normal. Equal amounts of salt and fluid14. What happens to cells in hypotonic solution?

ANS: Cells enlarge and burst; cell absorbs more fluid and has less salt
15. What has to be present in the stomach in order for B12 absorption to occur?ANS: Intrinsic factor (R Protein)16. What electrolyte (ion) is the most abundant in extracellular fluid?ANS: Sodium17. What is associated with wound healing by PRIMARY intention?ANS: Minimal Scar Tissue18. What is a structure of the inner ear?ANS: Cochlea19. What is Cushions?ANS: Hyper secretion of the adrenal cortex, primal cortisol. Trunk of the body is large and extremeties are thin, skin and bones are fragile20. What is function of surfactant in the alveoli of the lungs?ANS: Increase surface area; Prevent collapse21. What is the conduction pathway?ANS: SA Node, AV Node, Bundle of His, Right & Left Bundle Branches, Perkinje Fibers
22. What structure is located at the end of the ear canal vibrates when the sound waves strike it?ANS: Tympanic Membrane23. What is the function of the uretersANS: To conduct urine from the kidneys to the bladders24. What is the general pathway of blood through the heart?ANS: Superior vena cava, Right atrium, Tricuspid valve, Right Ventricle, Pulmonary Semi- lunar valve, Pulmonary arteries, Lungs, Pulmonary veins, Left atrium, Bicuspid valve, Left ventricle, Aortic valve, Aorta, Coronary vessels, Body25. What is the largest vessel of the body?ANS: Aorta26. What is the order of the protective menigeal layers of the brain from inside outANS: Pia mater, Arachnoid mater, Dura mater27. What is the pacemaker of the heart?ANS: SA node28. What is the primary result of the pancreatic dysfunction?ANS: Elevated Blood Sugar
29. Site of sperm maturation in the male reproductive systemANS: Epididymis30. What may indicate hyper-secretion of thyroid hormones?ANS: Weight Loss


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