What is Policing?

The police officers carry out activities to preserve law and order. Also, it helps in policing the public area. A person’s actions are helpful in the authority of order and ensuring fairness and legality in public places.

What is the definition of Policing?

The term policing is defined as supervising or enforcing the rules. For example, when a security guard is appointed to patrol an area, they must ensure everyone follows the rules.

Importance of Policing

The police are one of the essential needs of our society. They are built in communities all over the world. They are also meant to,

  • Enforce the law
  • Prevent crime
  • Provide support service
  • Give a response in case of emergency

Types of Policing

There are three types of policing

  • Watchman style
  • Legalistic style
  • Service style

Difference between Police and Policing

The police are the civil institute of every state responsible for preventing and detecting crime. Whereas policing is the activities that take place to maintain law and order, they provide safety and security.

Styles of Policing

There are four types or styles of policing. 

  • The enforcer
  • The avoider
  • The reciprocator
  • The professional

Purpose of Policing

There are five primary purposes of policing. 

  • Prevent the crime
  • Provide service
  • Preserving the peace
  • Enforce the law
  • Apprehending offender

Methods of policing 

  • Proactive policing: When the law enforcement agency or police attempt to prevent crimes.

  • Reactive policing: When the law enforcement agency responds to the call from the civil service.

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